Does your builder have a good reputation?

Critical risk analysis in fast & affordable reports




  • Small Projects
  • Essentials Report

    We investigate builder registration, complaints, court records, regulator reprimands, safety prosecutions, social media and more - find out if a builder has a history of disappointing homeowners.

  • Best Seller
  • Comprehensive Report

    Everything from the Essentials Report, plus: cross directorships and phoenixing activity, payment default search and a company credit rating report - the complete overview of a builder's reputation.


 What We Do

If you're: about to build, extend credit to builders, considering purchasing a new property or a builder wanting to check your reputation, we'll provide an extensive due diligence.

We purchase a range of credit rating, defaulting, phoenixing, company and court records. We also search hard to find regulatory, licensing, insurance, social media and government records. We'll then interpret and clearly communicate concerns to allow you peace of mind and a fully-informed decision.

Avoid repeat-offending builders, anywhere in Australia.



“Highly recommend to anyone thinking of building or renovating. Very professional and informative”

Julie, Box Hill

"Highly recommended! This service gave me the confidence to proceed"

Sean, North Parramatta

“We found the report a great help as it confirmed our nominated builder had a good rating, we're in the process now of inspecting his previous projects before signing the contracts”

Maureen, Ringwood


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